Patient Care
Application of Donabedian framework of structure, process, and outcome in diabetes management among elderly living in nursing homes in Isfahan, Iran

Zahra Noori; Parvaneh Khorasani; Habibollah Hosseini

Volume 3, Issue 7 , July 2022

  Introduction: The purpose of this study was to assess the status of diabetes management among elderly people living in Isfahan nursing homes using the Donabedian framework in three parts: structure, process, and outcome.Methods: In 2018, the current descriptive-cross-sectional approach was used in 13 ...  Read More

Evaluation of the effect of individual education-supported needs assessment for anxiety among elderly candidates of open-heart surgery

Hossein Tavangar; Farzan Madadizadeh; Zohre Kalani; Razie Beygi Rizi; Zakieh Tavakoli; Mostafa Shokati Ahmad Abad

Volume 2, Issue 8 , August 2021

  Background: The presence of pain and anxiety in a patient affects the results and, therefore, the process of healing, as well as the postoperative complications. Therefore, this study was performed to gauge the effect of individual education-supported needs assessment on anxiety among elderly patients ...  Read More