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1 Chitwan Medical College, Bharatpur-10, Nepal

2 Chitwan Medical College, Bharatpur-10, Chitwan.



Background: Health Care Workers (HCWs) treating Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) patients face many physical and psychosocial challenges when working in COVID wards and ICUs. This study aimed to explore the challenges of HCWs caring for COVID-19 patients.

Method: A qualitative phenomenological study was adopted and 12 HCWs (8 nurses and 4 doctors) working with COVID-19 patients were selected purposively as the study sample. Semi-structured interview guideline was used for data collection and Giorgi’s method was applied for the analysis.

Results: Health care workers faced many challenges while working with COVID-19 patients in a hospital during this pandemic. There were five significant challenges faced by HCWs: (i) increased workload and shortage of staff, (ii) mental stress, (iii) social stigma and isolation, (iv) scarcity of resources, and (v) lack of specific skill training.

Conclusion: Health care workers have faced many physical, psychological, and social challenges while caring for the COVID-19 patients during this pandemic. Hence, these issues must be considered for the quality of care services in the hospital.


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