Maternal Inflammation, Offspring Neurobehavioral Health, and Perinatal Correlates in the Healthy Start Study

Satvinder K Dhaliwal; Dana Dabelea; Angela E Lee-Winn; Deborah H Glueck; Greta Wilkening; Wei Perng

Volume 5, Continuous , 2024


  Background: In utero exposure to increased inflammation caused by acute experiences may negatively impact on child neurodevelopment, but little is known about the effects of low-grade chronic inflammation. We wanted to investigate prenatal inflammation, as indicated by biomarkers of low-grade chronic ...  Read More

Update report on Virological and mortality distribution and implication of Covid -19 pandemic across the globe from 28th January to 3rd February, 2022. Retracted article

Joseph Oyepata Simeon; Joseph Opeyemi Tosin

Volume 4, Continuous , 2023


  Retracted article Background and Objective: Scientists and world leaders are still trying to understand COVID-19 and its potential global consequences. While there have been some successes, there are still many that remain unknown. This study provides an update report on the virological and immunological ...  Read More

Cumulative evaluation of demography and distribution of COVID-19 around the globe: An update report of COVID-19 until 17th February, 2022.

Joseph Oyepata Simeon; Joseph Opeyemi Tosin; Sabastine Aliyu Zubairu

  Background and Objective: COVID-19 has had a worldwide impact in a variety of ways since its discovery in China. As a result, it's critical to maintain a constant eye on the virus's impact around the world. The goal of this research is to compile a global assessment of COVID-19 demographics and distribution, ...  Read More