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1 World Health Organization Ondo State Office, Akure, Nigeria

2 World Health Organization, Ondo State office, Akure, Nigeria

3 Ondo State Ministry of Health, Akure, Nigeria

4 World Health Organization South West Zonal Office Ibadan, Nigeria



Background: Acute gastroenteritis, a very common disease in humans affecting both children and adults, remains a major public health concern worldwide. Several groups of viruses have been reported as the causative agents of acute gastroenteritis. An outbreak of acute gastroenteritis with a high fatality rate was reported in Ondo State, Southwest, Nigeria, in September 2020.
Methods: To provide a descriptive epidemiology of the outbreak, a field investigation was carried out in affected communities in September 2020.
Results: Four Local Government Areas (LGA) were affected, with Odigbo LGA having the highest attack rate of 14.9 per 100,000 population. The epidemic curve was propagated in nature. 50 cases were reported with 21 deaths (42%). The outbreak primarily affected 15-year-olds (94%, n=47) and more males (58%, n=29).
Conclusion: Poor sanitation, food, and water hygiene conditions in communities of the LGA visited were observed. The spread of the outbreak was probably facilitated by water sellers.


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