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1 Departmennt of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Federal University,Oye–Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

2 Department of Pharmacy, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria



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Background and Objective: Scientists and world leaders are still trying to understand COVID-19 and its potential global consequences. While there have been some successes, there are still many that remain unknown. This study provides an update report on the virological and immunological distribution and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world from January 28th to February 3rd, 2022.
.Material and Method: The United Nations geoscheme was used to obtain data from 196 countries and regions around the world. The results were compiled and compared to the values obtained for the United States.
Results: When available data was compared to that of the United States, the American continent had a higher mortality comparison factor than infection cases, whereas the European continents had a higher infectious comparison value than mortality value. With the exception of South Africa and Botswana, the African continents appear unconcerned about the value of mortality and infectivity.
Conclusion: The new wave and virus variant have caused a resurgence in its global impact. There is a need to understand how Africa has survived all variants of the virus despite having few medical resources.


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