IJEHS is a high-quality, international, open-access and peer-reviewed journal, based in the Netherlands, which is concerned with all aspects of epidemiology and health sciences. IJEHS publishes Original Articles, Review articles and meta-analysis, Editorial, Letters to Editors, and Brief communications related to all aspects of Epidemiology and Health Sciences. Papers may be observational, experimental and qualitative articles.

High-quality research papers or reviews dealing with any aspect of Epidemiology and Health Sciences can be submitted to this journal.

Examples of aspects related to Epidemiology might be:


- Biostatistics;  - Cancer;  - Cardiovascular;   - Clinical/epidemiological diagnosis;

- Communicable disease;  - Disaster;     -  Environmental;     - Field epidemiology;

- Genetic epidemiology;      - Health/safety/environment (HSE);       - Molecular;

- Neuroepidemiology;  -Non-communicable disease;  - Nursing/Midwifery;

- Nutrition;  - Occupational;  - Pharmacoepidemiology;      - Preventive;     

- Reproductive;  - Seroepidemiology;   - Social;  - Surveillance;      - Veterinary;      - Other related topics.


Examples of aspects related to health sciences might be:


- Behavioral health;    - Disease prevention;         -  Health care (systems);

- Health economics;   - Health inequality;             - Health law and ethics;

- Health policy and management;     - Health practice;    - Health promotion;

- Health services;        - Health system research;              - Health Technology;

- Monitoring and evaluation of health programs;    - Population Health;

- Primary health care (PHC);    -  Other related topics.